Is Siberian Larch decking a popular home remodelling choice these days? It is mainly due to the natural resins and hard finish of the wood material. This is how it is a tough and durable softwood to build decks. When planning to revamp the deck, go by a material with natural toughness. The finish and durability are the primary factors in choosing Siberian Larch over others. 

Let us take a look at how it is a sustainable option. You can ask for the best quality from a timber supplier that is beneficial to the environment. 

How does Siberian Larch Deck look?

Appearance-wise, Siberian Larch has a straight and dense grain with tight rings. It has a smooth texture and comes in yellow to light brown colour with a silvery grey finish. These characteristics make it easy to identify this decking material over the rest. The dense and fine grain is due to its slow growth. 

The tight knots depend on the grade you choose for decking. The natural tapestry gives a distinguished character to the wood, making it perfect for creating architectural circles. 

However, no two pieces of this category are the same, and its versatility is its popularity. Upon close inspection of the material, you can get it in a subtle colour like reddish brown, creamy white and others. When the species is left untreated for two years, it attains a natural grey look. A monochromic design makes it a distinguished class of material to choose for decking. 

It is preferable not to paint larch as it is not flexible. Paint will not give any additional protection in comparison to other wood. So, it is better to avoid using paint. Without paint, the grain features are beautiful to create a natural finish and beauty in decks or clad. 

What are the Common Uses of Siberian Larch?

  • Decking
  • Joinery 
  • Flooring 
  • Cladding
  • Fencing 

The material's remarkable physical properties and good looks make it a go-to choice for various building projects. It is a suitable option for outdoor and commercial projects and worth investing in for the above purposes. 

Is Siberian Larch Scratch Resistant?

Larch shows its versatility in a growing environment, mainly in Siberia's cold and sub-zero forests. It has a very slow growing time and is heavy with full of density. It is highly resistant to knocks, scratches and bumps, making it ideal for external applications like decking and cladding. It proves how worthy it is to spend on external structures. As there are few abrasions, there is little scope for moisture to get into the wood surface and damage a deck structure. 

Is it a Tough Timber to Work With?

It has a high density and strength level with a high capacity of scratch resistance. It is why it is hard for timber to create designs. It has good drilling properties that are good for fixing. It is an excellent surface to use gluing and machine qualities. 

Try to use top-quality material to avoid staining and corrosion, and you can create the desired deck design with the material. Instead of nailing on the deck, it is better to drill holes to avoid splitting. So, the high density is a notable feature of the material that makes it the best choice for deck purposes. If you are on a tight budget yet want premium decking, this material is suitable. 

Reasons To Choose Siberian Larch Over Others

The durability, waterproof and tough qualities make it preferable. It also adds to the aesthetic value of the deck. There are colour tones from golden brown to pale reddish-brown to others. The straight grain is perfect for giving the deck a contemporary and attractive look. This is how it is worth investing in Siberian larch decking.

Does it Require Frequent Maintenance?

The Siberian Larch has excellent natural properties and requires low maintenance. It doesn’t need any sealing or treatment before installation. But try to get it from a reliable manufacturer that ensures premium quality items. 

But, UV rays, snow and ice can eventually cause some effects on this variety. If you wish to maximise the longevity of your larch and wish to protect the deck, this material can be a perfect choice. With an idea of its properties, it will be easy for you to choose the right option and prepare a perfect deck before the next season. 

Investing in a Quality Material for Deck Purpose 

Siberian larch is a popular and premium timber species that is ideal for external cladding. There is a wide range of larch cladding, and you have to choose the option that can create an exceptional-looking deck of a building. It originates from Siberia's forests and can be a perfect option if you wish to decorate or renovate the deck with a unique finish. 

In terms of project finishing, the material will oxidise and turn to grey silver colour. The appearance of the natural colour is beautiful in itself, which can enhance the deck's overall look. Therefore, with the idea and traits of Siberian larch, you can choose the best material for your home’s deck.